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Even though your child eventually loses their baby teeth, it’s important to take good care of them because they play an essential role in helping your child eat and speak clearly. It’s critical to bring your child to a dentist like Dr. Kauser Bari early so your child can build a good relationship with the dentist and staff. If your child has baby teeth and hasn’t yet seen a dentist or it’s been over six months since their last visit, call or make an appointment online today at KRB Dentistry in Rosenberg, Texas.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A


What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the diagnosis and treatment of baby or primary teeth. Baby teeth, or the primary dentition, have a distinct anatomy that requires specific diagnostics and treatment plans noticeably different than those for adult teeth. Children also require additional patience and alternative treatment methods.

The dentists at KRB Dentistry enjoy working with children. While they aren't pediatric specialists, they are general dentists trained to practice on both children and adults. That way, they can develop a rapport with your child and maintain their oral health as they transition into adulthood.

Why choose a pediatric dentist?

Without proper dental care, children, like adults, face the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease, which can cause mild to severe pain and complications. Today, the infectious disease known as early childhood dental caries is more common than childhood asthma and hay fever.

Statistics show that dental pain and infection are major causes of absence from school. That’s why it’s vital to establish a “dental home” with a dentist that you and your child trust at an early age to prevent such outcomes.

KRB Dentistry offers several accommodations to help your child feel more comfortable in the dental office.  

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Child-friendly environment

KRB Dentistry proudly announces the KRB KIDZ KORNER!

KRB Dentistry has expanded their office to make a space just for kids. The lobby feels like an aquarium that's filled with books, games, and toys. The rooms are Disney themed (think Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Moana, The Little Mermaid, and "Jake the Pirate"). The ceilings are painted to look like sunroofs with a view of the sky, kites, and hot air balloons. The TV’s in each room keep your child distracted and occupied.

The kids actually want to come to the dentist when they like the environment and feel comfortable or at home. When your child sees the other kids having fun and behaving well in the dental chair, they too will be motivated to do the same.

Child-friendly dentist

KRB Dentistry has dentists who are trained to administer oral sedation or nitrous oxide conscious sedation to children, allowing your son or daughter to relax while being able to communicate with the dental team throughout the procedure. Parents are always welcome to accompany their children, observe the entire treatment, and ask questions. Most importantly, having parents chairside allows the child to trust the dental team.

The dentists at KRB Dentistry helps your child feel more comfortable by guiding the child step by step through the entire dental treatment. Fun distractions like music, TV shows, and movies, as well as playing games with them during the examination or treatment, also helps. Prizes -- including frozen popsicles, balloons, stickers, and toys from the treasure box -- given at the end of each visit provide a positive ending to the appointment and encourage children to return for their six-month follow-up.

Focus on preventive care

The dentists that cater to the kids at KRB Dentistry focuses on prevention of oral problems and are knowledgeable about the latest dental treatments for children. During your child’s visit, they offer advice on how to maintain good oral health and prevent dental problems, including the proper way to brush and floss.

When should your child see a pediatric dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see a pediatric dentist at six months of age to encourage a regimen of a healthy diet and good oral hygiene. The dentist performs a risk assessment of the child’s family history, environment, diet, and hygiene habits.

With this general assessment, the dentists at KRB Dentistry can suggest a daily diet and oral hygiene plan and schedule follow-up visits -- every 3-6 months -- according to your child’s needs and risks.

For help taking care of your child’s teeth, call or make an appointment online today with the dentists at KRB Dentistry that enjoy working with kids, in Rosenberg, Texas.