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Over four million people in the United States wear braces to fix crooked and crowded teeth and ensure their teeth and jaw align correctly. Dr. Kauser Bari is a general dentist that practices orthodontics. She started providing braces two years ago to provide an affordable option for orthodontics and added convenience for her patients. If you or your child needs braces to correct jaw problems or help produce an even bite and beautiful smile, call or make an appointment online today at KRB Dentistry in Rosenberg, Texas.

Braces Q & A

What are braces?

Dr. Bari is a general dentist that offers braces. She offers this affordable alternative in addition to dentistry for the convenience of her patients. This way, you and your family can receive comprehensive dental care all under one roof.

Dental braces are appliances that straighten teeth and are recommended to eliminate crowding and misalignment, which can cause problems with cleaning, eating and speaking. Braces straighten your teeth to improve your smile and make teeth cleaning easier. They also move the teeth into a better position to alleviate any stress on the TMJ joint or muscles.

Metal braces remain the most effective way to straighten teeth, but KRB dentistry also offers the clear and “invisible” retainer tray type methods for those who can comply with wearing the trays regularly.

How do you know you need braces?

KRB Dentistry offers braces as a corrective treatment for teeth that are overcrowded, crooked, or overly spaced out. Braces also help correct over, under, or uneven bites.

Proper alignment of your teeth and jaw achieved with braces improves the appearance of your teeth, along with the health of your mouth and the way you bite, chew, and speak.

What’s the procedure for getting braces?

When you see Dr. Bari or another dental professional for braces at KRB Dentistry, they first polish your teeth to ensure that your brackets bond properly. Once your teeth are dry, your dentist applies a conditioner that further prepares them for your braces.

A special cement is then placed on the back of your brackets before they’re placed on your teeth. Your provider then uses a special light to harden the adhesive.

Once all of your brackets are in place, they insert your archwire and elastic bands. It’s imperative that you comply with the treatment instructions and wear the elastics religiously to achieve the best results.

How do you care for braces?

Regular appointments for your braces are necessary because the elastic ties holding your wires in place stretch and weaken over time. Dr. Bari or another provider at KRB Dentistry adjusts the wires and creates the proper pressure to correct your dental issues.

During your adjustment appointments, Dr. Bari evaluates the progress made by your teeth and recommends changes to improve the outcome of your treatment plan. It’s imperative to wear the elastics provided to attain the proper results.

It’s important to take care of your teeth and gums when you wear braces. Be sure to take the time to brush your teeth and floss regularly, especially after every meal, because food gets stuck in your braces and encourages the buildup of plaque. Flossing after meals helps get rid of food particles jammed between your teeth, stuck in the wiring, or on the brackets of your braces.

You should also skip any sticky, chewy, or hard foods and wear a mouthguard to avoid damage to your braces or teeth while participating in sports.

To find out more about how braces can correct your bite, call or make an appointment online today at KRB Dentistry in Rosenberg, Texas.